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The Facts About Mastering Facts in Singapore Math

There’s one skill that most elementary teachers agree must be mastered in order for students to “go deeper” or work at a higher level and that’s fact fluency. The memorization of multiplication facts has become a prime example of why math standards in the U.S. have grown very wide and not so deep. Third grade… Continue reading »


Math Facts…to Mastery?

Beginning in Kindergarten and more in Grade 1, students start thinking and learning about fact families. Once taught how to count on, count back and use the ten-frame, students are ready to think quicker and recite math facts….mentally. Though flashcards have been a staple resource in classrooms for generations, there are other innovative ways to… Continue reading »


Ask And Andy Answers! [series]

Andy: I teach first grade and we are learning ways to subtract right now in the chapter on “Subtraction Facts to 10″. I spent last week teaching 3 of the 4 ways to subtract. This week, I’m ready to introduce the counting on and counting back strategies for subtraction. However, I’m concerned about using the… Continue reading »