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Common Core & Singapore

For schools and districts working towards an adoption of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, the term Singapore Math may have surfaced both in research and conversation. There is a reason for Singapore’s mention.

Achieve, a bipartisan, nonprofit education reform organization published a document titled, “Comparing the Common Core State Standards and Singapore’s Mathematics Syllabus” in August of 2010. For public reference, this documentation explains why the Introduction to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics credits Singapore as one of a few countries that can “inform an international benchmarking process for the development of K–6 mathematics standards”.

Comparing the Common Core State Standards and Singapore’s Mathematics Syllabus

Achieve has worked with states, individually and through the 35-state American Diploma Project, for over a decade to ensure that state K-12 standards, graduation requirements assessments and accountability systems are calibrated to graduate students from high school ready for college, careers and life. Achieve partnered with NGA and CCSSO on the Common Core State Standards Initiative and a number of its staff and consultants served on writing and review teams. Achieve thanks the Brookhill Foundation for its generous support in making this brief available, and providing educators and policymakers across the nation with a way to more deeply understand the CCSS through comparison to other well-known mathematics expectations. For more information about Achieve, visit

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